The Worst of the Web: 5 Sites to Find Useless and Stupid Things on the Internet

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As awesome as the internet is, there are plenty of stupid, irritating, or downright useless things on it. A few websites do their best to collect the worst of the web.

Even if you consider yourself an internet expert, get ready for a few surprises. From the worst designed sites to unbelievable items on sale, these are websites you have never heard of before.

1. The World’s Worst Website Ever

In the early years of the internet, websites had some strange design choices, such as scrolling text, blinking banners, and large placards of the site’s statistics. Come gaze upon the world’s worst website ever (WWWE), made to showcase everything wrong with web design.

world's worst website ever

It is an homage to the early internet, full of garish colors and badly chosen fonts. There’s even the requisite bad pun, asking you to “watch out” because the website is under construction.

WWWE breaks every single rule of website design, making it an assault on your eyes. If you’ve been on the internet long enough, this is a horrible, entertaining trip down memory lane.

If you need a little break after that, check out our collection of the internet’s best websites. Many of those showcase excellent design, as well as utility.

2. The Worst Things for Sale

There are some hidden gems on Amazon, which you can uncover through Amazon’s advanced search. Then there are some items that make you question the future of mankind. Cartoonist Drew lists one such new product every day.

the worst things for sale

There is no point in trying to figure out how Drew comes across these weird artifacts. Instead, sit back and enjoy the internet’s worst things on sale. For example, marvel at this strange transparent baby brain. Why does this even exist?

Drew’s captions for each item are half the fun, with his humorous takedowns and descriptive item names. And in case any item seems like something you’d want, there’s a ready Amazon link for you to buy it.

3. /r/CrappyDesign

Sometimes, people mess up the simplest basics of design. If a font’s name is “Comic Sans,” it’s probably best not to use it on a serious note. The Reddit community at /r/CrappyDesign finds every bad instance of design on the internet, as well as outside the internet.

reddit crappy design

With over 600,000 subscribers, you will find plenty of submissions and discussions daily. A lot of the posts now are about bad design in real life, but there is still plenty of attention to the worst interfaces in websites, games, and other tech.

Daniel David Allen, the founder of /r/CrappyDesign, talked with MakeUseOf at length about how he formed this community. And he included several tips on how you can build a successful subreddit too.

4. The Useless Web Index

We usually try to show you things you can make use of. But that’s not the only mantra that the internet believes in. In fact, some sites are made to purposefully be as useless as possible. And one place chronicles them all.

the useless web index

The Useless Web Index hand-picks the most useless, pointless, or funny sites on the web, to make a large database of such drivel. You’ll find several of the most useless websites on the internet here, but boy, there is so much more.

Once you’re ready to jump into this ridiculous rabbit hole, click “Start” to see the current most useless site, or go to a random one. But my favorite is the most useless websites index to list these sites by year.

5. Pointless Sites

Pointless Sites comes up with one new time-wasting, useless site every day. The editors make sure the sites don’t have pop ads, are original, are useless, are not offensive, and make you smile.

pointless sites

Unlike many of the other aggregators in this list, Pointless Sites is designed well to help you find old features. You can go through categories like animations, sound and music, interactive, hypnotic, games and puzzles, and much more. The “Our Favorites” section has some of the worst websites on the internet, ready to be clicked.

Plus, the helpful “Trending Top 40” bar shows you the current month’s top sites, and the most unpopular site right now. Everything is one click away, so have fun. It’s one of the best time-wasting websites when you’re bored.

Which Is the Worst Site You Know?

There are several other such websites that didn’t make this list. One of my favorites is Yup, That Exists, which collects products on sale that have to be seen to be believed.

Is there any website that you would deem to be the worst on the internet? Name it and add a link in the comments below.

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